Friday, May 2, 2008

5 New Blogs (new to me at least!)

I signed up for the Weekly Geeks challenge, and found these new fun book blogs:

1) Reading Derby Darcie posted to my blog so I checked hers out as well. Great reviews and an interesting mix of books- definitely worth checking out.

2) This Redhead Reads She's a redhead. She read at recess (or tried to at least). 'Nuff said- we could be twins (except that my school let me read at recess- thanks Sister Marietta!)

3) Educating Petunia I chose this one because I call my little sister Petunia. Petunia talks about feeling bogged down by the books she should be reading and the desire to sometimes just pull some fluff off the shelf. Since I regularly reread Agatha Christie or Jane Austen just to clear my palette, I feel her pain. Interesting reviews of a nice selection of books.

4) Adventures in Reading This blog title sucked me right in, and the blog itself is a gem. In-depth reviews, lots of books I've never read, and a great voice- well worth a visit!

5) Book Addiction Heather reviews Harriet the Spy. That alone says it all!


Petunia said...

Thanks for the link. I am enjoying my stroll through your site too.

Petunia was the nickname my mom gave me as a baby. It's short for Petunia Pig. I was apparently an exceptionally fat baby.

Brittanie said...

I read Darcie's Reading Derby blog also. The others I have not heard of but I will be sure to visit. :)