Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where Is Home Little Pip? by Karma Wilson

Little Pip is a small baby penguin, one who always listens to her parents when they tell her to stick close and then sing about home. One day though, she chases after a black feather, so lovely against the white snow, and soon finds herself lost and alone. Trying to find her home, she asks a whale and a gull and some huskies how to find home, but none of them can help. Eventually, cold and sad, she sings her song about home to try to feel better and her parents, following the sound of her song, find her and reunite the family.

This book is well written and beautifully illustrated. The penguins are all extremely expressive and the landscape sets the stage perfectly for the story. The rhymes about home capture the attention of younger children and will help older children read along. I lent this book to my mom to read to her kindergarden class and it was extremely popular.

A wonderful book that stresses the importance of home and family and leaves readers with a smile. I hope we see more books about Little Pip in the future.

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