Sunday, August 21, 2011

Herb 'n' Lorna by Eric Kraft

Book Description:
Herb Piper lives with his clever and vivacious wife Lorna in the tranquil, seaside Long Island town of Babbington. Herb sells Studebakers, putters in his basement, fancies himself an inventor, and struggles against his habit of making bad investments. Bright afternoons and well-tended lawns fill the couple’s quiet, unassuming life, the very picture of Norman Rockwell’s America. But Herb and Lorna have concealed from each other a pair of curious secrets, deceptions at the heart of a marriage that register the delightful, universal mystique of human sexuality.

Presented as the biography of the grandparents of a well-known fictional character, this lovely novel is a strangely engaging read. Though the book starts off slow and is a little difficult to really sink into, once the story takes off, it is difficult to put down. Well-written, sweet, funny, and a little naughty, this novel was an unexpectedly enjoyable offering. Herb and Lorna are wonderful characters that I found myself totally invested in- the grandparents any of us would love to have. This story of an ordinary family, its place in history, and its quirky secrets offers hours of enjoyment that you will want to share with your friends and family. 4 stars (would have been 5 if I hadn't started and stopped a couple of times before I finally got hooked).

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