Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Note of Scandal by Nicky Penttila

A desperate composer tricks a principled newspaper publisher into printing a false story, and then falls for him. How can she prove that she’s worth a second chance?


A wonderful Regency romance that captures some of the seedier side of life in that time- the class inequalities, the tragedy of those injured in the war, the sad lack of opportunities for many women.  Olivia is a great heroine, though there were times I wanted her to listen to her inner voice and stand up for herself for once.  Will makes for a great foil to Olivia, struggling to maintain his father's legacy in the face of overwhelming odds.  Though Olivia's motives for getting involved with Merry and Martin don't emerge early enough in the story to make sense, her actions do make more sense when viewed in light of the societal structures of the time.

Well-written with strong dialogue and interesting insights into Regency life, this engaging romance is a delightful read.

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