Monday, July 6, 2015

The Secrets She Keeps by Deb Caletti

“You don’t grow up on a divorce ranch and not learn to take a vow seriously.”

When Callie McBride finds a woman’s phone number written on a scrap of paper her husband has thrown away, she thinks that her marriage is over. Callie flees to Nevada and her Aunt Nash’s Tamarosa Ranch, where she’s shocked to see that the place of so many happy childhood memories is in disrepair. Worse, Aunt Nash is acting bizarrely—hoarding stacks of old photographs, burying a book in the yard, and railing against Kit Covey, a handsome government park ranger who piques Callie’s interest.

But Aunt Nash may prove to be saner than she seems once Callie pulls back the curtain on Tamarosa’s heyday—the 1940s and ’50s, when high-society and Hollywood women ventured to the ranch for quickie divorces and found a unique sisterhood—and uncovers a secret promise Nash made to her true love. Callie will come to see is that no life is ever ordinary. No story of love is, either.

This novel is an enjoyable, character-driven story about love and marriage and family. I was delighted by the flashbacks to Nash and the Tamarosa Ranch in its heyday as a destination for soon-to-bee divorcees; in fact, I prefered that story to the more modern-day one featuring Callie and Shaye. Nash's history and the stories of the those women at the ranch were compelling and emotionally immediate in a way that Callie's simply wasn't for me. That said, though I found her love for her husband a little incomprehensible, I did think the way the story of how they got to this point unfolded well as Callie became more honest in her reflections on that relationship. The ending was a bit of a surprise for me as I expected a different outcome, but still it felt in keeping with the narrative and the characters. All in all, a great summer read!

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