Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Point of Control by L.J. Sellers

In her personal life, FBI agent Andra Bailey works hard to control her sociopathic tendencies. But on the job, her cold logic comes in handy.

Now two world-renowned scientists have disappeared, and the bureau assigns Bailey to find them and hunt down the kidnapper. The agent soon suspects that a rare-metal shortage may be the link between the disappearances and that the motive is far more dangerous than she imagined. With the market in turmoil and prices sky-high, electronics companies and their power-hungry CEOs are ready to do anything—even kill—to keep production lines going.

When a third scientist disappears, Bailey throws caution aside to track the crimes to their source. But by immersing herself so deeply in the case, she risks letting down the defenses she’s built to contain the sociopath inside her.

I picked up this book with no previous exposure to the author because the plot sounded interesting. Unfortunately, the blurb about the book proved more enjoyable than the book itself ever did. There is no mystery here- you know from the start who the villains are and why they do what they do. I was intrigued by the idea of a sociopath FBI agent, but never connected with Bailey as a character. I would also greatly prefer to have the character gradually reveal her problem through her actions rather than through her internal monologue; Bailey worked being a sociopath into every thought she had. It was too much- I got it the first time, I don't need her to remind me of it constantly. I wanted this book to be a real page turner but instead found myself struggling to finish. After reading this one, I'm unlikely to see out another book by this author.

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