Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Texas Rose Forever by Katie Graykowski

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that goes double at the Texas Rose Ranch, home to the Rose family through five generations of toil, sweat, and scandal. From the moment CanDee McCain is hired to write a history of the Roses’ empire, she’s bowled over by tall, sexy Cinco Rose. True, the man initially mistakes her for a stripper, but he certainly puts the man in manly. For the first time since her cheating ex left, stealing her novel-in-progress in the process, CanDee is ready to have a little fun.

No woman has ever made Cinco feel both so at ease and so turned on. Since his divorce, he’s preferred a saddle and solitude to risking his heart again. Yet something draws him to the fast-talking, leggy redhead. CanDee’s not just sweet; she’s smart and brave too. But her research is uncovering long-buried secrets that could jeopardize everything the Roses prize most—and destroy a love that’s just begun to bloom.

This start to a new series serves up a fun and funny couple with a delightful family (and accompanying family ranch) as the backdrop. I thought the whole "I thought you were a stripper" thing was a bit over the top, but CanDee dealt well with it (and honestly I can't get over thinking a name like that would often lead to similar confusion...) The romance between these two is lovely, but rather lacks in the dramatic tension I usually expect in a romance novel. There are scenarios that are obviously supposed to provide that "will they/won't they" tension but it never seems real. I also didn't love how CanDee dealt with her thieving ex- I was looking for a completely different resolution there! Nevertheless, an enjoyable afternoon read that provides a little wish fulfillment escape from ordinary life.

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