Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman

Though I found the beginning of this book a little clunky, the author soon hits her stride, and despite the unlikely premise, the book does work. After Sophie's friend Carrie dies in a car crash, Sophie learns she is now the guardian of Carrie's two young daughters. Surprised to learn that Carrie's husband has been gone for years, Sophie agrees to temporary custody, naively believing the children will have little impact on her swinging single lifestyle.

Bella and Izzy (the children) and their issues are well drawn, and offer some of the most poignant portions of the novel. Watching Sophie's development into a true adult as she works through issues of love and loss makes for a very enjoyable read. I also like the way Louis' character is gradually revealed through the novel. Life for these characters is like real life- messy and complicated but ultimately satisfying.


DebD said...

This looks like a very interesting book. I know of someone who this happened to (only she was married with children of her own), when both parents were killed in a car accident.

I like that it sounds like it portrays real life - a little messy & complicated.

thanks for the review

Anonymous said...

Huh. I'm intrigued. Adding it to my library list.

Darcie said...

This sounds good - I am adding it to by TBR list! Thanks for the recommendation!