Sunday, February 24, 2008

It isn't that I haven't been reading...

It's that I've been rereading. I've been sick for a couple of weeks now, and for me that means lots of time spent curled up with old favorites feeling sorry for myself. I've engaged in a veritable orgy of Agatha Christie reading, plus a dose of Austen with Pride and Prejudice. I'm behind on my book club reading (Water for Elephants is being discussed on Thursday), I haven't been able to make selections for my Decades list, and I've been terrible about blogging.

That said, I'm feeling much better and hope to get a healthy start on my book club selection tomorrow before the Oscars distract me. I'm scanning shelves again with an eye toward donating books to my library- I'm hoping have more space available will inspire me to reorganize my books and perhaps unearth some forgotten treasures. I'm determined to make some selections for Decades, and may follow SCB's example of including some books I read years ago in the mix. I just rediscovered my shelves of high school reading, and realized I would like to reread a few of those I'm sure I didn't fully appreciate the first time around. I'm also determined to give Jane Eyre another shot- I read it twice when younger (once around age 11 because my mom recommended it, once as a HS freshman for Honors English) and didn't like it at all, but I'm willing to give the Brontes another shot now that I'm an adult with a better understanding of complicated lives. Has anyone else out there reread a book they once disliked and changed opinions?

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Mella DP said...

Sorry you've been feeling so lousy. I'm trying to think of an answer to that last very excellent question, because I know there must be something. Personally, I love Jane Eyre and just reread it last year, though I've always found Wuthering Heights much harder going. I like The Professor and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, as well.

Rereading is a good thing, and I've actually been craving The Great Gatsby over the last couple of weeks. As for the decades list, you can always change your mind as you go along - I've changed mine already. I'm also behind on reviews for that, better jump to it.