Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths

Every year a ceremony is held at Norwich Castle for the bodies in the paupers’ graves: the Service for the Outcast Dead. Ruth has a particular interest in this year’s proceedings. Her recent dig at Norwich Castle turned up the body of the notorious Mother Hook, who was hanged in 1867 for the murder of five children. Now Ruth is the reluctant star of the TV series Women Who Kill, working alongside the program’s alluring history expert, Professor Frank Barker.

DCI Harry Nelson is immersed in the case of three children found dead in their home. He is sure that the mother is responsible. Then another child is abducted and a kidnapper dubbed the Childminder claims responsibility. Are there two murderers afoot, or is the Childminder behind all the deaths? The team must race to find out—and the stakes couldn’t be any higher when another child goes missing.

Another excellent addition to the Ruth Galloway series, this mystery kept me involved from the first page to the last. As always, Ruth is a delightfully awkward character, especially as she tries to navigate the complicated world of reality TV. The historical and modern day mysteries are beautifully connected and sensitively drawn- sometimes a difficult balance when addressing crimes against children. As always, the secondary characters in this series help add both depth and levity to a sometimes bleak narrative. Highly recommended for those familiar with the series- for new readers, definitely read these in order rather than starting here!

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