Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaacs

"Everything's going to be okay."
"What if it's not?" Suddenly, she turned. For a split second she halted, her head inclined.
"Naomi, what is it?"
She whisked back to face Eva. "There's somebody in the house..."

Eva is horrified when she witnesses an attack on her best friend. She calls an ambulance and forces herself to flee Hampton, fearing for her own safety. DCI Helen Lavery leads the investigation into the murder. With no leads, no further witnesses and no sign of forced entry, the murder enquiry begins.

Slowly, the pieces of the puzzle start to come together. But as Helen inches towards solving the case, her past becomes caught up in her present. Someone is after them both. Someone who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And as the net starts to close around them, can Helen escape her own demons as well as helping Eva to escape hers?

This second book to feature Helen Lavery is a much stronger offering than the series debut, and is a true thriller that keeps the reader on edge through to the end. Widowed Helen is a strong and complicated character, trying to carve out a police career while raising two sons. It was lovely to gain insights into her character through the details about her recent romantic entanglement, and to see her gaining confidence in her investigative skills. There were points where I felt that Eve's story was unfolding rather slowly, bu overall the story was engaging and enjoyable. This series seesm to have found its footing, and I'm looking forward to future offerings from this author.

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