Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Risk Worth Taking by Laura Landon

Griffin Blackmoor blames himself for the tragic accident that claimed his wife and young son. Riddled with guilt, he prays that during the Crimean War an enemy’s bullet will end the consuming torture he can’t escape. Instead, that bullet finds his best friend. Now there isn’t enough whiskey in England to make him forget all the people who have died because of him. But before he can drown himself in an endless sea of liquor, he must keep the promise he made his dying friend. Except that promise is sure to risk an innocent woman’s life—and his own battered heart.

When her brother’s sudden death leaves her destitute, Lady Anne Carmichael knows she must marry. Although her dark beauty earns her the attention of London’s most eligible bachelors, only one man can stir her soul with his kisses. Griffin Blackmoor is everything she swore she never wanted. So why does his love feel like exactly what she needs?

This books was disappointing because a perfectly good 4 star romance was undermined by a ridiculous 2 star "mystery" subplot. It was clear from early on who was out to get this couple, but despite Griffin's background in intelligence, he is seemingly oblivious to a solution that was staring him in the face. I know that using suspense to spice up a romance is a popular tool, but it has to be believable to make the book a better read. Anne was a little grating at times, but given her background that seems perfectly realistic, and it was interesting to see a character struggle with addiction long before that was a recognized thing. A decent read that could have been much better.

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