Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden

Joan Bennett is a breath away from being a spinster. She’s had four seasons without a suitor. After reading a shockingly sensuous book, Fifty Ways to Sin, Joan decides perhaps it’s time to stop being proper and start being sinful, while she’s still young enough to enjoy it. And what better partner than her brother’s drinking mate, Viscount Burke? He seems the type to know how to give a lady a lascivious adventure.

It seems that the viscount has qualms about trifling with a friend’s sister. That’s the way to end up betrothed. And he doesn’t want that—or does he?

This delightful Regency romance features an unlikely heroine- Joan is too tall, too outspoken, and too plump for the fashion of the day. Luckily for Joan, her brother's rakish friend Tristan is able to see beyond her unflattering dresses and hair to the sparkling personality beneath. Watching these two gradually fall in love is very enjoyable, even if the sudden illness departure of her parents seems a little too convenient. I would have liked to see more resolution of aunt Evangeline's love story (though perhaps that will come later in the series). I also thought that Lady Bennett's recovery from what sounded like consumption was a little quick and unrealistic. Regardless, the story is engaging- I loved the description of Tristan's surprise "drive"- and definitely makes me want to read the rest of the series as it is published.

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