Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One Wore Blue by Heather Graham

The privileged daughter of a Virginia plantation owner, Kiernan Miller can’t imagine that her idyllic life will ever change—nor her days in the company of her devastatingly handsome neighbor, Jesse Cameron, a boy who returns her desire, kiss by tempestuous kiss. Then Jesse commits the one sin that Kiernan can never forgive: He abandons his roots for the Union army. Though Kiernan marries another, a part of her will always love the rebel in blue.

To follow his conscience, Jesse Cameron must sacrifice his heart. He deserts his hometown, turns against his own brother, and rides away from the woman he loves. But he vows that it will not be forever. Now, bringing the war to Kiernan’s front door, Jesse has returned as the enemy, intent on winning back the widow with emerald eyes and sun-kissed hair—the beauty who has branded him a traitor.

This sweeping Civil War romance is the first of a trilogy of books that follow three Cameron siblings as they look for love while the country splits apart. The story was enjoyable as were the elements of Civil War life that it reveals. I would have given this one four stars if it hadn't been for the heroine Kiernan. Though her initial feelings of anger when Jesse chooses to fight for the North are understandable, her animosity toward him quickly becomes irritating. The book was saved by the hero Jesse who certainly deserves better than Kiernan Miller in my opinion; his honor and love and the desire he feels for her make the story. Regardless, the book was a good read and certainly makes me want to continue with the series.

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