Monday, January 20, 2014

To Make a Match by Liana LeFey

The spirited Lady Victoria Lennox longs for a husband, but she cannot wed until her prickly older sister, Amelia, becomes a wife—and Amelia seems intent on driving away all potential suitors. To avoid becoming a spinster, Victoria concocts a plan: a carefully arranged scandal will compel Amelia to marry. And to bait the trap, who better than the dashing Lord Julius Cavendish?

Yet Julius has little interest in stubborn Amelia. Victoria, on the other hand, he finds irresistible. Determined to make her his own, Julius adds a new twist to Victoria’s plan: his friend Lord Withington will act as Victoria’s decoy suitor, distracting Amelia from the very real courtship happening under her nose. All might be well, were not Withington immediately smitten with Amelia. He sees how tender and protective she is beneath the frosty facade.

As the perfect plan goes perfectly awry, each sister finds herself publicly betrothed to the wrong man. Can they undo the damage in time to make the perfect match?

This books was a severely over-complicated story that made little to no sense as it unfolded. I couldn't find it in myself to like either Victoria or Amelia, and certainly think the author missed the opportunity to make both sisters appealing by slightly modifying their presentation. The two heroes were more appealing, but frankly deserved better than the comedy of errors they found themselves embroiled in thanks to Victoria's machinations. I finished it because I started it, but I can't say I really enjoyed it.

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